The Dancer in the Square

Yesterday was another wonderful day in Havana. We walked down Muralla street, taking pictures, talking to locals and admiring the buildings. At the end of the street was Plaza Vieja filled with beautiful Gaudi-esque architecture, pink and and yellow ice cream coloured fronts, beautiful arches and stained glass inserts. The day was sunny, the sky… Continue reading The Dancer in the Square


In Mexico, Jamaica, and Cuba resorts are very much the same: beach chairs and umbrellas by the sea, entertainment in the evening and three meals a day. They are built for those who want sun and sea, waves lapping in the evening, palms swaying in the daylight. I have been to resorts have relaxed and… Continue reading Cuba

Eye Experience #4-or-The Kindness of Strangers

Those of you who follow my blog, know of my recent eye concerns.  My vision has improved considerably since my first doctor’s visit, and is now much better.  Of course “better” and “back to normal” are worlds apart and that difference can be terrible when one waits in the middle, unsure of the distance to… Continue reading Eye Experience #4-or-The Kindness of Strangers